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Amazing.. ! But What and Why?

Learning is always Amazing

A child sees every new thing in amazing way and tries to know about it. It tries to touch the fire, eat mud, drink anything liquid. It observes everything we do and tries to imitate the same. For a child world is amazing and wonderful place to learn skills. But the same enthusiasm vanishes as child grows up in the ladder of current education system.

What is Education

Education is simply understanding the things around us. Sky, Sun, Moon, Automobiles, Rockets, Satellites, Computers, Mobiles learning about these is termed as Science. Money, Business, Shares, Banking, Broker, Profit learning about these is Commerce. Literature, Photography, Painting, Music, Dance, Journalism, Mindset studying about these is Arts.

Why Education

The soul purpose of education is to make us valuable human beings and live with happiness. Education provides us the knowledge that makes our life a meaningful one. Education helps us to know about our strengths so that we can focus on them to become valuable human beings and there by live happily.
Learning is Joyride
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