Maths and me: 1 

I often see people afraid with numbers. For me numbers are always part of my life.  Actually I didn’t realize myself about my affection towards numbers till I was 16. It was mere a subject to me just like other subjects like Social, Science, and languages. Even till my high-school I never thought maths was […]

1089 a Wonderful Number 

Source: Quicker Maths This article is about a number that has some truly exceptional properties. That number is 1089 Amazing property of 1089 Select a three digit number (where the units and hundreds digits are not the same) and follow these instructions: Step 1: Choose any three-digit number (where the units and hundreds digits are […]

Eight Wonders of Mathematics/Physics in the World 

Pass the Coins to Other side 

What is Behind the Doors? 

Beauty of Mathematics 

Think Beyond the Lines and Dots.. 

Using Four straight lines and continuous drawing without crossing connect all 9 dots.