Maths and me: 1

I often see people afraid with numbers. For me numbers are always part of my life.  Actually I didn’t realize myself about my affection towards numbers till I was 16. It was mere a subject to me just like other subjects like Social, Science, and languages. Even till my high-school I never thought maths was a subject which is considered as toughest subject to understand and also kept away from studying by many of students. I was surprised by the way some of my classmates fearing about maths. Initially I thought it may be due to the fear of the teacher who is generally tough and strict teacher in the school. Later I got to know that it is the subject which is not able to get digested by them.

I love mathematics because of its straight forwardness and perfection. No matter however you do, whichever the method/steps you follow, if you are following mathematical basics properly your final answer will be always the same. Another amazing thing which I had found about maths is it creates the driving force to explore within itself and then you will find new way of solving problems. Simply it says that Solution is always within, you have to stick to the problem, find out the possibilities, start with the initial step and you will be driven to get the solution. No wonder this also is the way of solving problem related life preached by many great people!

Maths and Physics are considered as one and the same. Man started finding out about nature’s law and its calculation for things happening around him. That has driven him to get the measurement of the nature’s calculation which lead him to start counting. This counting then lead him to find more about nature’s repeatability and patterns and he understood them and termed as laws. These laws are governed by calculation hence physics driven mathematics and vice-verse.

Maths is also a crazy subject. It often drives people to madness. Here is a small one to just to make you feel how it drives the madness.


a=b                            Assume

a2=ab                         Multiply both side by a

a2-b2=ab – b2             Subtract by b2

(a+b)(a-b) = b(a-b)    Expand and cancel (a-b) in both side as it is common

a+b=b                          Finally. Now a=b. Replace a with b

2b=b                            Cancel common b in both side

2=1                               Is it so?!

What went wrong? Or is maths itself is wrong..? Explanation is in next blog..

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