Idea Of Edishta



Student’s career is largely influenced and built by combination of Academia, Internet, Parents and Society these days. Academia and Internet are playing important roles in providing curricular knowledge while parents-society combination is acting like a ‘screening’ and ‘deciding’ agency. In most of the cases, in this race, either students are missing out skills needed for tomorrow or not getting any chance to learn what lights them. In most of the cases, it is both. If today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens, are we equipping them to face the world? Yes, World Wide Web has the potential to prepare today’s students for tomorrow. But, it is accessible only for upper economy class people as of now. With around 90% of India being below this class, there is a huge gap of knowledge levels.

Edishta derives its inception from the idea of bridging this gap. We, at Edishta prepare course materials and go to every school in the block to teach skills today, needed for tomorrow.

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Schools are becoming more and more “syllabus” specific. Not to blame them, it is the minimalistic approach for education from the policy diaspora. Schools teach only what is prescribed in the syllabus, at times only what is ‘asked’ in the Exams. Subjects taught in the schools are ‘given’ and not ‘chosen’ by the students. From KG to PG, students are given minimum choice, almost none. Sense of independent thinking is no way imparted.

Adding to these limitations, one more major pulling force for middle and lower class students is the financial limitations. It’s heartrendingly sad that many talented students were forced to set back from their desire to learn more due to lack of financial support. Isn’t this the cruelty of current education system?

If we were to go by Swami Vivekanda’s words of wisdom – “Education is the manifestation of what already exists”, is current education system achieving this? When students choose, they enjoy and excel. It is very important to impart this sense of independence when they start to think. The issue here is either fixing the education system or building a framework where in students come and learns what they like. Latter is the better and quick approach.

Again, world wide web has answer. It is however, not accessible to a huge part of population. We need a system to collect contents from web, segregate and then deliver systematically reaching maximum number of students possible.

We felt this need and formed Edishta. At Edishta, you choose and we teach. We provide Education to those with ishta.