The genesis of Edishta lies in making available wide variety of courses requried for students of primary through high school Be it fast problem solving skills like Vedic math or equipping for competitive exams like NTSE, our commitment is good quality materials at affordable price. We work with schools to deliver these courses to students. Be sure to check this page frequently, the list keeps growing! If you want any of these courses to be taught in your school or you want us to teach in a center, get in touch with us soon.

Our current offerings are:

  1. Vedic Mathematics:-
    Learn quick and easy techniques of doing mathematical calculations.  The technique is invented by Hindu sages which they had used to solve various complicated problems without using calculator or computer. Maths which seems to be very difficult will become like playing with numbers. Those preparing for competitive exams like GATE, GRE, CAT, SAT having this tool is very much essential. Even for other aptitude and object oriented exams this tool helps lot to solve problems within few seconds. Come and learn VM and enjoy doing maths.
  2. ABACUS:-
    Basic operations of mathematics made easy by using beans or  stones board.  Very ancient way of calculating which was used before the usage of number system.  However recently it is found that these methods could be used for kids for their initial introduction to numbers and its arithmetic operations.  Along with it researches have proven that this will also increase the flexibility of brain operations with increasing the efficiency.
  3. Spoken English:-
    English has become a major communication language across the globe.  But people often feel inferior for not able to talk in English.  One must realize that it is just like any other language of communication which can be easily learned and used. Spoken English is to be taught in a way to be confidence while speaking. This confidence is to be built from early stage of education.  We provide the coaching without degrading mother tongue but to be able to speak in English just like mother tongue.
  4. Applied Computers:-
    Computers are one of the most influential and helpful tool to any industry.  Now every organization is opting for computers there by easing the computations work. So the knowledge of computer is the must in current world. However one needs to have knowledge relevant to industries rather than just the basics. With the world moving faster and new technologies coming up one has to align with new updates in order to grow high. We provide such training which enables students to get in line with business requirements of the computer along with making them well aware of upcoming technologies.
  5. Aptitude:-
    India being second largest populated country with most of the population in young age the compilations level is pretty much high for any field. Mere marks card and degree certificate are not sufficient to get a job. One needs to cross the hurdle of Aptitude test which companies do to filter out candidates who are not quick and adaptable to new heights.  We provide the exposure to aptitude exams with teaching basic and quick learning skills to solve any kind of questions. Even though we don’t train for specific exams our training would be useful for bank exams, CAT, GRE, job interviews and any other related exams.