Team Edishta

  • Shilpa H. Aithal : Mainly works on building the content for the courses and talking to schools. She trains the instructors in delivering the best way possible and currently heads the teaching and marketing section of Edishta, also giving newer course ideas after interaction with the schools we associate. She can be reached at Shilpa Bachelors in Commerce from Vijaya College Bangalore and is an avid reader of Indian history and philosophy.
  • Pangala Nagendra Rao: He hails from Pangala, a town near Udupi, Karnataka is the IT head of Edishta working on creating animations, videos for the course materials. He has Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology-Karnataka. Before co-founding Edishta, he worked with a reputed ERP company in Western Part of India for four years. He is also a freelancing ERP consultant. He is also a Co-Founder of Parinathi Consulting.In his free time, he blogs at here and tweets as @pangalanrao. Write to him at
  • Vikas Argod: He is constantly looking for ideas to make delivering the courses, easier and effective at Edishta. He has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, University Park. He heads the strategy team at Edishta working on newer ideas to build the venture. He believes in social enterprises. He is also active in IndiaGoverns Research Institute which works on making development data matter. He can be reached at